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Assorted digital work 2010 – 2018
Prevue expense tracker

Above/ The home screen of Prevue’s realtime expense tracker

Whilst running Prevue, I found it difficult to track real-time profit — especially as Prevue operates with both monthly recurring and one-off payments, and charges in multiple currencies. In addition, it was difficult to report expenses against profit… so I built my own tool.

The tool pulls real-time payment data from Stripe, calculates conversion rates using 3rd party forex rates, pulls expenses from Google Docs, then calculates tax and payment fees to leave raw profit.

Optimised for mobile, this now operates as a day-to-day substitute to any other payment reporting I have for Prevue.

Below/ Built to be mobile-first (even the graph), I use the tool almost every day to get a picture of company performance


Company: Mentally Friendly
Role: Design Lead
Date: 2011

Russian Standard Vodka

Company: Story Worldwide
Role: Senior Designer
Date: 2009

Nickelodeon & Old El Paso

Company: Mentally Friendly
Role: Design Lead
Date: 2011