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I’m Buzz ✌🏼 a dad, designer and creativity enthusiast currently working remotely from a small town in NSW, Australia. I like making the web a more connected 👯‍♀️ and less boring place 🦄

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I do my best work when mixing leadership and hands-on design. I love coaching and helping businesses inject creativity, fun and collaboration into their software.

I’m happiest when I’m helping others succeed — I do that through building design tooling and effective team processes, speaking and coaching. As a designer, I’m passionate about solving tough human problems by combining clever technology and beautiful design. I’ve done that for Buildkite, Help Scout, Atlassian, Campaign Monitor, Skype, Sendle and several design agencies in UK and Australia.

In 2008 I founded Prevue, a design presentation tool used by over 40,000 design agencies to share concepts and gather client feedback — a product I built and managed until it was acquired in 2018. During that time I learned to code, honed my visual skills and came to understand the importance of business in design.

I was a competitive sailor and coach before designing for a living. I taught all ages and abilities whilst also participating in several internationally recognized events. My mind is never too far from the ocean, and I appreciate the importance of a healthy work/life balance. So when I’m not online, you’ll find me outside with my wife… chasing my two kids, swimming, running or riding motorbikes.

🎤 Speaking Direct link

I’m privileged to have been invited to talk at a number of events about design and my career. My aim is always to demystify the design process and encourage leaning into discomfort. I talk about building small but effective design teams, how to keep creativity alive, and how to grow your career as a designer. I only talk at events where my experience is unique and additive, and where I can be part of a diverse lineup.


  1. The Truth About Design Leadership — WDX Conf, 2023
  2. Encouraging Creativity — Vero Conf, 2023
  3. Adapt & Grow — Edge of the Web Conference, 2022
  4. Influencing Work as a Designer — Domain, 2022
  5. Design Systems for Small Teams — Design Ops, 2020
  6. Moving your Team from Sketch to Figma — Sydney Designers, 2019
  7. Designing Together Across Continents — InVision Webinar, 2018
  8. The Culture Of Creativity in Australia — Advance Australia, 2015

✏️ Writing Direct link

Writing is the process by which you realize that you do not understand what you are discussing. Importantly, writing is also the process by which you figure it out (source).

I have dyslexia, so this quote is particularly relevant. That said, I enjoy writing about some of the topics I find myself regularly discussing during coaching — with the intention of helping other people navigate some of the professional challenges I’ve faced in my career. Here are some popular articles:

👯‍♀️ Coaching Direct link

In 2020 I opened my coaching practice, Your Friend Buzz as a way to gain more exposure to designers outside my immediate role. Since then I’ve had the pleasure and absolute privilege to coach 200+ designers worldwide.

I see myself as an ally to the people I coach, both within the companies I work for and freelance. I help my people navigate career growth, develop concepts and overcome tough creative challenges — with a focus on happiness, creativity and mental well-being. I lead with curiosity, honesty and vulnerability — and in doing so I’ve learned an incredible amount about design, communication and myself.

Definitely not Zoom

I’ve coached designers from household names like Facebook, Zillow and Uber — but also talent from emerging markets like Nigeria, India and Brazil — from juniors just setting out, to seniors navigating burnout. It’s hard to know the impact you have as a coach, but people have said some nice things about me…

Wanna be friends?

I’m currently looking for new remote opportunites and lead design roles. If you’re in Sydney I’d love to grab a coffee, or we can jump on a call any time.

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