Buzz Usborne
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I’m Buzz, a British designer who works remotely from a tiny surf town on the East coast of Australia. Currently I’m Principal Designer at Help Scout — also I coach design teams, advise startups and occasionally write about design.

Through a career of designing and managing, I’ve found that I’m at my best when I’m helping others succeed. Today I do that through building design systems, running workshops, speaking and mentoring.

As a designer, I’m passionate about solving tough customer problems by combining thoughtful research, clever technology and beautiful design. I’ve previously contributed to, and led design teams at Atlassian, Campaign Monitor, Skype, Sendle and a number of start-ups and agencies in Europe and Australia.

In 2008 I founded Prevue, a design presentation tool used by over 40,000 design agencies to share concepts and gather client feedback — a product I built and managed until it was acquired in 2018. During that time I learned to code, honed my visual skills and came to understand the importance of business in design.

Before designing for a living, I was a competitive sailor and coach. I taught all ages and abilities whilst also participating in a number of internationally recognized events. My mind is never too far from the ocean, and I appreciate the importance of a healthy work/life balance. So when I’m not online, you’ll find me outside wrangling children (below), swimming, running or riding motorbikes.

Wanna be friends?

I'm not currently taking on any freelance work, other than advisory and coaching services — but I'm always down to chat. And if you're here for me to join your team, you should know that I'm only open to remote roles.

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