Campaign Monitor

Head of Design Branding / Digital / Print / Advertising 2012–2014
The Brief

Above/ The logo, featuring in Campaign Monitor's Sydney offices

One of my first jobs as Creative Director at Campaign Monitor was to consider the long term brand image of the company. At the time, the logo and website didn't reflect the core values of the business, or the future plans of the product — my brief was to give the brand a “refresh”.

Campaign Monitor is a company with world-class customer support at their core, so one of the main things I wanted to achieve was to bring a more ‘human’ feel to the brand. I needed to represent the product as a respectable market leader, whilst giving the brand a touch of fun and personality.

Over the course of several years, I led several in-house design teams to protect and progress the brand through a multitude of different mediums.

Above/ Development of the logo — a versatile device that could be used anywhere. Constructed as a mixture of the “M” in Monitor, an envelope and a graph.

Below/ Various applications of the brand, all of which aimed to drive brand consistency whilst also conveying a message of playfulness and personality.

Below/ As part of the re-brand, I designed and built an entirely new marketing website. Packed with custom illustration, a fresh new pallet, and a softer tone-of-voice — everything was designed to work together as a cohesive and recognisable brand.

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