Monitor App

Product Design Lead Art Direction / Iconography 2014
The Brief

Above/ Key screens of the Monitor iPhone App

Before the launch of Apple's iOS7, Campaign Monitor had planned on launching an iPhone app to accompany their web product. My brief was to design an app that looked as native to the iPhone OS as possible, but also in-keeping with the house style.

Though responsible for the concept and Art Direction of the entire app, my personal focus was on iconography — as according to official Apple documentation, a big part of the upcoming iOS was clean, single-weight icons. I believed iconography was key to making the app feel “native”, so my intentions were to follow Apple's guidelines, but also inject some Campaign Monitor personality where possible.

Above & Below/ Various examples of the main iconographic set, plus supporting iconography — which aimed to bring character to the single-weight style of the time.

Below/ Iconography in context, used throughout the app — including a blank avatar now used throughout Campaign Monitor products.

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