Founder & Product Design Lead UX / UI / Development 2018
The Brief

Above/ The Prevue homepage, relaunched in 2016

In 2007, as a freelance designer, I was having trouble presenting design concepts to my clients in the browser. Sending JPGs over email, or presenting from multi-page PDFs didn't do a great job at showing my work to its full potential — plus email was a terrible way to gather contextual feedback. So I built my own solution, Prevue.

Through constant progression, iteration, reinvention and plenty of late nights — I took Prevue from a side project to the profitable concept sharing and feedback platform for over 30,000 designers and agencies worldwide. Up until its acquasition in early-2018 it was a project built and managed solely by myself.

Above/ The original "Library" used to share my work with clients 14 years ago. Below is the same library view today, with projects and client groups.

Below/ I wanted the interface to feel as close to a native design tool as possible — so all interactions are drag-and-drop, in addition to having traditional fallbacks.

Above/ A publically shared project. The guiding principle of Prevue has always been to make shared work look as impressive as possible, and to encourage feedback.

Below/ Everything in the app is optimised for ease or organisation, and for real-time client feedback. Projects can be commented on, images can be highlighted and annotated — then all feedback is collated, and can start a conversation thread

Below/ Some small parts of the UI where special attention has been paid to the details

Below/ A lightweight and mobile-first CMS I built for Prevue that allows me to quickly overview activity in the app

Below/ Various marketing assets, including an onboarding email series I built using Email Builder (a product I designed for Campaign Monitor)

Founder & Product Lead
Front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
Backend (MySQL, PHP, Apache)
Customer-led design
Business development & Strategy