Head of Product UX / UI / Strategy 2016
The Brief

Above/ Sendle’s friendly, mobile-first UI is a new approach to logistics software

My role as Head of Product was to work alongside the executive team, board and investors to help define the long-term vision for the Sydney-based startup, and build the product strategy necessary to deliver on that. I also oversaw all feature development and had end-to-end involvement in the research, spec, design and implementation of new features.

Above/ One of several ‘Design Thinking’ workshops I ran with the company, to encourage customer-focussed thinking and collaborative problem solving. Below/ UX and feature development that resulted from understanding customer pain-points.

Above/ Features and UI that addressed specific customer pain-points, like price certainty, trust and real-time tracking.

Above & Below/ Though originally based on Twitter’s Boostrap, I designed a number of custom illustrations and flourishes to give character to the product

Above & Below/ I was also involved with Marketing, primarily in championinig our diverse and unique customer-base through email, and extending the Sendle brand in print and apparel.

Head of Product
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