Product Design Lead Iconography 2010
The Brief

Above/ The 2021 release of Skype for Mac, featuring the icons I designed 11 years ago

As the Skype application grew from being a desktop-based app, to being integrated on TV’s, smartphones and the web — it became apparent that their UI also needed an update in order to scale.

As part of the team responsible for the update, I was tasked with creating a suite of icons to be used in the future incarnations of the Skype product. My brief was to re-draw all 80 existing icons to work across multiple platforms, at all possible dimensions — whilst being recognisably “Skype”.

Above/ Working with the wider product team to concept and test variants of the core icon set (call, video etc). These were then taken into research and development, below

Below/ To ensure that each icon could work at any size, every glyph was artworked to match specific guidelines regarding ratios, anchor points and rates of curve.

Above/ My work featuring in the movie, ‘Unfriended’ (Watch trailer) — courtesy of Universal Pictures. Below/ The icons in context.

Art Director (Freelance)
Team Lead