Skype for Business

Product Design Lead UI / UX 2009
The Brief

Above/ The Business Dashboard — still fun, but a more grown-up version of the Skype platform

Working in London and Estonia alongside the UX, research and front-end teams — I designed the UI for Skype’s Business Control Dashboard (BCD). From small teams to multi-national businesses, the BCD serves as a core revenue source for Skype — and required a total visual overhaul and smarter UX to accomodate the addition of new functionality.

My role was to work closely with the UX lead (the insanely talented Eva-Lotta Lamm) to produce visual design, prototypes and documentation. I was also involved with user testing, legal and research — and worked closely with the front-end teams to ensure quality, animation, and interactions were considered from concept to completion.

Above/ A significant amount of UX, research and legal involvement went into the development of the product — so sketches for every interaction was important.

Above & below/ Though fairly standard now, a friendly and colourful UI in a business setting was not common in the UI of 11 years ago. Prototypes and interaction specs were created for extensive user-testing…

Below/ Drag & drop, whilst not common at the time, tested well as a fun way to perform menial tasks like building username patterns

UI Lead
(London & Estonia)
Visual Design
User testing
Prototyping (HTML / JS)