Email Builder

Product Design Lead UX / UI / Prototype 2014
The Brief

Above/ An immersive, design-led email builder that has the feel of a native website builder

One of the biggest challenges for designers and marketers is the complexity involved in building HTML email templates. Coding mobile-responsive emails that work cross-browser is difficult… but making them look good too is next to impossible.

There are existing tools, but all of them provide create cookie-cutter templates and hard-to-use interfaces. Campaign Monitor saw an opportunity to do better. In what was one of the most challenging tasks of my career, I was tasked with designing an easy way for anyone to design a beautiful, bespoke email that matches their brand, works everywhere, and doesn’t require a knowledge of HTML.

As the head of Product Design, I led a team of designers and developers to build a WYSIWYG editor today used by thousands of customers to send millions of beautiful emails.

Above/ Some of the core functionality, drag & drop content tiles. The interface was designed to be fluid and easy-to-use, whilst keeping user content as the focus.

Below/ The UI takes cues from native applications and existing WYSIWYG editors

Above/ Though seemingly-simple pieces of UI, even the text editor and delete controls went through numerous rounds of testing and iteration to perfect

Below/ The journey from selecting a design to adding and editing your own content

Product Design Lead
Campaign Monitor
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