Buzz Usborne

Campaign Monitor


Over the course of 5 years at Campaign Monitor I held a number of titles on both the Marketing and Product sides of the business. But my first and most significant role was as Head of Design, where I was tasked with building the brand and creating a design team — a dream opportunity for me.

Branding Direct link

Campaign Monitor is a company with world-class customer support at their core, so one of the main things I wanted to achieve was to bring a more ‘human’ feel to the brand. I needed to represent the product as a respectable market leader, whilst giving the brand a touch of fun and personality.

I worked with Studio Lane to develop the wordmark and typography, whilst I figured out the rest of the brand — including a logo that we could have some fun with.

The above shows some rough development of the logo — a versatile device that could be used anywhere, constructed as a mixture of the “M” in Monitor, an envelope and a graph.

Extending the brand Direct link

I wanted the brand to reflect the indie roots of the company, whilst also paying homage to the creators and artists who had supported the company. The brand was built around the fun, hand-drawn, tongue-in-cheek side of the community through artist collaborations, honest tone and resisting the need to slap our logo on everything.

I was particularly proud of the artist-collaborations we had with a number of indie creators who used OUR product. We tasked them with producing limited edition pieces that reflected their creativity. It was such a joy working with artists like Ben Marriott, Always with Honor, Mads Burcharth, Georgia Perry and more.

Building a team Direct link

My biggest privilege at Campaign Monitor was to have the opportunity to build a team of incredible designers and all-round wonderful human beings. Together we were able to build the culture, the processes and the brand we wanted to work for. These legends later went on to work at Facebook, Wise, Atlassian, Uber or to start their own studios.

At our peak I was the lead of 13 designers, developers and managers — producing a staggering amount of creative work across the marketing and product orgs.