Buzz Usborne



My role as Head of Product was to work alongside the executive team, board and investors to help define the long-term vision for the Sydney-based startup, and build the product strategy necessary to deliver on that. I also oversaw all feature development and had end-to-end involvement in the research, spec, design and implementation of new features. Phew!

Back to basics Direct link

Having enjoyed early success and great adoption, the Sendle team were at a point where they could have taken the product in a number of exciting directions. Fortunately they were really receptive to me running a bunch of design-focussed workshops (pictured) to get a sense of what value we could bring to the otherwise pretty-stale logistics space.

Everything orange Direct link

I won’t lie, working with orange is difficult — that wasn’t my call. But what I did want to do was build a design language that was recognisable, fun and stood out from the crowd. Orange fit the bill.

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I also had a hand in extending the brand through various marketing channels. One of the most rewarding outcomes was a weekly email series that showcased our customers and how they were using Sendle. Instead of pushing our product, we celebrated the makers and small businesses that used us — which was really well received. It was also a good excuse to use the Email Builder I had previously designed.