Buzz Usborne

Skype Business


15 years ago I worked at Skype London to design the UI for their Business Control Dashboard, a core revenue source for the company. This mammoth product required a total visual overhaul and smarter UX to accomodate the addition of new functionality. Enterprise software at its finest.

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My role was to work closely with the UX Lead (the ever-talented Eva-Lotta Lamm) to produce visual design, prototypes and documentation. I was also involved with user testing, legal and research — and worked with the front-end teams to ensure quality, animation, and interactions were considered from concept to completion.

Above — A project of this size required a lot of sketching, a lot of print-outs and a lot of confusion.

In a confusing and ironic rejection of the company’s entire purpose, I also spent a lot of time traveling between London and Estonia to work with the front-end team on implementing the UI. Which, amongst other things, involved getting those adorable bear ears on the alerts looking just right!

This was released at a time where ripped paper textures and Flash websites were all the rage. So a fairly “flat” design was a risk, but ended up helping make a very complicated product feel a little bit calmer.